2017 Горячий продавать sigaretta Elettronica JUSTFOG 2мл 1.6ohm Coil бак Q16 Starter Kit С 900mAh батареи ст мода электрический Sigarette Vape фондовых оптовых продаж

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High performance, safety, and portability all in one,

beginning of a new trend for starter kits

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    Q16 Starter Kit is Yields the best flavors with any e-liquids by the 8 level variable voltage function

    Safe battery with an intelligent protection circuits with 5 functions

    Installed with a unique Star-shield part which blocks all liquid spits from entering the mouth

    Air pressure control parts made by PVD black coated stainless steel material

    Higher battery capacity, yet as small as your hand


    Product Description

    Item Specification
    Parameters Q16 Clearomizer Diameter 16mm
    Capacity 1.99ml
    Resistance 1.6ohm
    Thread 510
    J-Easy 9 battery Size 16 x 21.5 x 73mm
    Capacity 900mAh
    Voltage Range 3.4 - 4.4V
    Resistance Range 1.0 - 3.0ohm
    Color Black,Silver,Pink
    Distributor DONGGUAN BEC
    Features Mouth & lung inhalation available
    Easy airflow control by spinning airflow control ring
    Pyrex glass tube with high chemical durability
    Easy to use 8 level variable voltage function
    Strong and long lasting grade A powered cell
    Five intelligent protection circuit functions
    Packaging 1x Q16 Clearomizer with 1.6ohm змеевик pre-installed
    1x J-Easy 9 battery with built-in 900mAh battery
    1 x User Manual
    Spare parts


    1. Justfog Q16 Clearomizer :

    • Type:Bottom coil clearomizer
    • Capacity: 2ML
    • Resistance: 1.6ohm
    • Coil Type: Japanese Organic Cotton Coil (Justfog OCC 14)
    • Connetion: EGO/510
    • Body material: Chrome Coated/Pyrex Glass
    • Weight: 23.5g
    • Dimensions: 16mm x 55.5mm
    • Recommended Voltages: 3.4V – 4.4V (6W- 12W)
    • Airflow control in 4 levels
    • Anti-leakage starshield system


    2. Justfog J-easy 9 VV Battery

    • Li-ion battery
    • Variable voltage in 8 levels
    • 900mah Battery capacity
    • Constant Voltage Control Circuit
    • Short Circruit protection
    • Over Heating protection
    • 5 LED Color Display to check residual power
    • Safety On/Off lock (4-presses/2sec)
    • Over charging/discharging protection circuit
    • Over-voltage charging protection circuit


    Easy to use 8 level variable voltage function

    J-Easy 9 battery is designed as a variable voltage type which is most suited for JUSTFOG coil cylinders.

    The wattage is adjusted automatically as the voltage is increased or decreased, finding the perfect voltage output

    or your device. The voltage can be adjusted easily between 3.4V ~ 4.8V by simply pressing ‘+’ ‘-’ buttons.

    Accurate constant voltage output throughout all voltage ranges

    For many variable voltage battery products, the voltage outputs are often inconsistent depending on the remaining

    battery charges, or if there are sudden decreases of the battery voltages.

    But JUSTFOG J-Easy 9 battery shows consistent voltage outputs regardless of the remaining battery life

    due to the constant voltage circuit.

    This constant voltage function is one of the most important functions for consistent flavor of electronic cigarettes.

    Strong and long lasting grade A powered battery cell

    The battery cell inside of J-Easy 9 battery is a grade A powered cell.

    J-Easy 9 yields accurate voltages even at high voltages (4.8V) and it lasts long due to the high yield value.

    Easy Power ON/OFF function

    For the time when you are not using the device, turn off the power for a longer battery life. Battery can be turned on and off easily by pressing the power button quickly 5 times in 2 seconds.

    Small, portable and lightly designed battery

    J-Easy 9 battery manages to have a charging capacity of 900mAh and variable voltage function,while keeping the battery length as short as 650mAh batteries. Also the battery is quite light compared to other typical MOD batteries, making it very easy to carry.

    Q16 START KIT 900MAH BatteryQ16 KIT 8 Original Q16 kit Original-Justfog-Q16-Starter-Kit Q16  kit vape

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