Tips for Traveling and Vaping During Holidays

If you recently made the switch over from cigarettes to the swankier and safer e-cigarettes and are worked up about the prospect of traveling for Holidays or business without your vapor companion, worry not. We have tips for traveling and vaping that will help you.

Gone are the days when getting through security airport with electronic cigarettes, vape pens and other vaping devices was more than nerve-racking. Thanks to the overwhelming number of people who have made the switch to vapor, airport security and airplanes alike are letting people travel with these vaping products, and you should, too.

Use these six tips for traveling and vaping to ensure that you pack your vaping essentials properly, get through airport security, laws on vaping while flying, and enjoy your business or holiday trip abroad.

Buy the right vaping accessories

To ensure that your flight and holiday abroad is a breeze, you’ll need to invest in the right vaping accessories. By the right accessories, we mean purchasing the right e-cigarettes, sufficient vape juice, extra batteries and whatever you might need to make your vaping experience abroad a good one.

For the best vape mods, vape juice and any other accessories, look no further than VaporFi. Shop for all your accessories before traveling and you will not regret a thing.

Pack with care

The next step towards a successful flight with vaping products is to ensure that the products are properly packed. First of all, ensure that you pack your vaping products are packed separately in a carry-on clear bag. If you’d like to take extra measures, you can look into protective and durable cases for your vaporizers to keep it safe and sound.

Most airport security agencies prohibit traveling with large volumes of e-liquid in one container; it would be wise to travel with small volumes. We always advise our customers to buy as many 30-milliliter VaporFi e-liquid bottles as possible for easy packing and traveling.

Dismantle your vaporizers and cartomizers

When traveling abroad, it is imperative that you dismantle your vape pens or e-cigarettes. Dismantling it ensures that the components are safe inflight, you will have an easier time explaining to security and your battery will be full by the time you decide to assemble the parts back together for a quick vaping session.

It is therefore important to ensure that you purchase a vape starter kit or e-cig that is easy to dismantle and assemble back together, and our best bet is the VaporFi Express Kit. It has all the vaping essentials and it will take you a few minutes to dismantle and assemble it back together.

Exercise patience with airport security

As earlier on mentioned, most airport securities are aware of vaping products and have no problem with you traveling with them. It is, however, important to anticipate uncooperative airport security staff and brace yourself for a few minutes of explaining and what not.

Whatever the scenario that you face at the airport, always remain patient and follow the instructions offered. Provide any relevant information that the security staff requires and you will be allowed to proceed with your flight.

Be considerate of the others in the terminal

Resisting a quick vaping session before a flight, especially when the vaping kit is in your carry-on bag, can prove to be a great challenge. However much you crave a quick vape while waiting in the terminal, please be considerate of those around you and be aware of vape laws in your locality.

Most international airports have smoking zones and you should take advantage of the zones to ensure that you don’t irk or irritate those around you.

Don’t smoke once onboard

To stay on the safe side of the law, don’t vape once you are aboard the plane. Some people sneak into the bathrooms in search of a quick vaping session but it’s not worth it. By smoking aboard, you risk getting legal action taken against you and potentially being returned back.

Remember, many people are not knowledgable about vaping yet and you should expect some glances while you are enjoying your vapor. If anyone abroad asks you about vaping, be kind enough to spread the message and together let’s help people make the big switch!

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